Saturday, October 4, 2008

Poor Malcolm's deprived childhood

malcolm turnbull warped

"I do not come to the leadership of the Liberal Party from a lifetime of privilege. I know what it is like to be very short of money..."

malcolm turnbull warped

"I know what it is like to live in rented flats. For a time daddy and I had to rent a dingy penthouse in Double Bay..."

malcolm turnbull warped

"Daddy even had to drive the Rolls Royce himself for a time when we couldn't get a chauffeur; good help can be hard to find..."

malcolm turnbull warped

"The other boys at Sydney Grammar laughed at me when I drove my new MG to school; they all drove Porsches and Maseratis..."

Ok, this may be bending the truth just a little and Malcolm Turnbull may well not have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is however, a very rich man; Turnbull's wealth is estimated at $120 million. Turnbull is the quintessential Eastern Suburbs silvertail. He will always struggle against the perception that he is arrogant and out of touch with the so called 'battlers'.

Turnbull's gaffe on football further underlined this perception. Asked in a radio interview to nominate which football teams he supports, Mr Turnbull said: "I have to confess I vote for, I support, in Australian Rules the Roosters, who of course aren't in the Grand Final sorry the (Sydney) Swans". (The Eastern Suburbs Roosters of course play rugby league). This might seem an inconsequential mistake, but football is religion to the average battler.

Just as the Australian electorate will never elect anyone with the title 'Doctor' (ask John Hewson or Brendan Nelson; we respect them but just don't trust them) they are just as unlikely to elect someone with arch silvertail status. At least the Liberal party in electing Turnbull as leader is leaving little doubt as to which end of town they really represent.

"Alcopops? That is the sound you get when you open a bottle of vintage Veuve Clicquot, isn't it?..."


Bikran said...

you have disappeared.well you might have your hands full with many stuffs. just dropping you a hello and take care.

Liam said...

Hi Bikran, please forgive my silence. My family has gone through a bit of a crisis recently but we are sorting things out. I'll be in touch; all the best Liam.

iWalk said...

Take care, Liam.
Everything will get better!
Many many best wishes for you!

Liam said...

Thanks iWalk, I appreciate your support. There are always positives; I'm trying to focus on them :)

Jenny said...

Tres amusant, but so accurate. Isn't he just such a public school boy with that mentality that is 'I was born to rule' I don't think he's quite caught up with the fact that his party lost. I mean how could it have?