Saturday, August 9, 2008

Paris Hilton's bid for The Pinkhouse

view the Paris Hilton parody John McCain has released a television commercial that likens Barack Obama's celebrity status to other celebrities like Paris Hilton. The comparison was not meant to be complimentary. It targets Obama's youth and inexperience with the catch phrase "Is he ready to lead?" Paris Hilton has released a commercial in response. Her parody calls McCain 'the oldest celebrity in the world' and likens him to figures such as the Golden Girls, Colonel Sanders, Larry King and Yoda from Star Wars.

view the original McCain adParis Hilton states that she is not from 'the olden days' and that she does not stand for change; she's just hot, "so thanks white haired dude". She does actually put foward an energy policy involving tax incentives and limited offshore oil drilling. She ends saying that if elected she might paint the Whitehouse pink.

McCain's response is that Paris Hilton has a better energy policy than Obama. It's quite surprising that Paris Hilton has actually made a coherent political statement, albeit inadvertently. John McCain's age, the perception that he is rooted in 'the olden days' and out of touch with the future is at least as much of a negative than any doubts about Obama's youth and inexperience.

In fact, it may well be much more of a negative than he realises.


Bikran said...

I had read about this before . well i am not very aware about the American politics but still that made a good impression that Hilton has vision rather than just being a rich schiky micky model .

iWalk said...

Paint the Whitehouse pink?
Paris Hilton can always amazing the whole world!!

Liam said...

I think it is kind of amazing; maybe Paris Hilton has been playing the dumb blonde the whole time. Anything is possible.

Gail Alexander said...

I saw the video in the Huffington Post. I thought that it was a very funny comeback for Paris. I did like her energy plan and she presented it very well, and with intelligence! Perhaps she has found a useful niche in society (as a political humorist) afterall -- besides being a "hot" celebrity!